Tap Your Touch Screen With Absolute Precision!

Isn’t Touch Screen technology on your mobile device and laptops brilliant?

But from time to time, do you feel like you have got fingers the size of sausages?

I know I do.

When you’re trying to touch the screen and you always hit something else other than what you intended? Like trying to compose an SMS on your smart phone! You’re tapping away and you always tap the O instead of the P šŸ™‚

Its annoying isn’t it?

Or do you love to keep your device clean and finger print smear free? Do you get a little fed up with getting that special cloth out to wipe your screen clean again?

Well what if you could kill two birds with one stone?

What if you could keep your screen clean and tap with more precision, those apps and characters?

Well now you can because here at Metro3 we have a nifty little tool that will serve this purpose for you!

Introducing the…

Targus Stylus for Touchscreen Devices

The stylus is a simple yet great solution to your problem! All you do is hold the stylus like a pencil. Think of your touchscreen as the paper.

Instead of using your oily and grimy finger to work on your device, use the stylus.

Made from soft rubber, the tip of the stylus will not scratch your screen whilst is firm enough to perform! And because the tip of the stylus is no larger than your little finger tip, you can point and tap with precision.

Designed like your favourite pen, the stylus has a convenient clip so you can store it in your shirt pocket. So it’s always there, just when you need it the most. Or you can store it in your devices carry bag along with your other stationary!

When you buy this stylus from Metro3, you don’t just get one, you get two! So that’s double the convenience!

Here are the general features of this stylus:

  • Indigo blue colour
  • ComfortableĀ and accurate typing
  • Keeps screen clean of fingerprints
  • Soft and durable rubber tip
  • Works on all capacitive touch surfaces
  • Comes bulk packed (no retail packaging)
  • Unit Dimensions.Ā Length: 4.375-inches

So get yourself a convenient pair of Targus Stylus’ today! And free your smart touch screen device from miss taps and dirty screens.

Get yours today at Australia’s best online prices from our online store now!

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