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Are you looking out for the best or lowest prices in Australia for an Apple iPhone? Do you own an obsolete iPhone that you particularly love and want to replace it with the same? Are you searching for a cheaper option to give to your child when they’re away from home? Or are you looking […]

For many parents around about now, and this includes myself, it’s that time of year! Yes we’re considering which high school our eldest child will transition to next year. It only seems like five minutes ago since they started three year old kinder doesn’t it? Crikey time flies by when you’re having fun! And if my […]

Protecting your smartphone and other gadgets are a must especially if you consider them your priceless possessions. To some, a smartphone is a big financial investment and the need to protect its value is important. A phone’s screen is vulnerable to scratches, dust and glare and must therefore be protected at all times. Although some smartphones are […]