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Laptop computers are brilliant for giving you freedom to take your office elsewhere! They are so mobile aren’t they? If you work from home using a laptop you’ll no doubt value being able to get away from the usual four walls of your office! Whether it’s sitting in the lounge or outside in the sunshine, […]

Are you the kind of person who likes something a little different? You like to stand out from the masses a little and you value quirkiness! And you work from home right? Or you value having a computer at home. You like to do stuff at home on the computer. That video project documenting your baby. […]

Calculators of tomorrow here today! You know, when I was at school I had a scientific calculator for Maths class. It had all these functions and buttons that were a complete mystery to me. I had no idea what they were for, let alone know how to use them! And I’m talking about the kinds of functions that went […]