Do You Need An iPhone That Meets The Grade?

For many parents around about now, and this includes myself, it’s that time of year!¬†Yes we’re considering which high school our eldest child will transition to next year.

It only seems like five minutes ago since they started three year old kinder doesn’t it? Crikey time flies by when you’re having fun!

And if my experience is anything like yours is right now, there are two things at play:

  1. Your child is using this transition as an excuse to get hold of their first iPhone ūüôā
  2. You’re a little nervous at the thought of your child going to high school. You’d be happier if you could get hold of them or they could get hold of¬†you!

Am I right?

But let’s face it, your child is no doubt plucking your heart strings in an attempt to¬†get what they want. Their first mobile phone so that¬†they get to feel cool and included at their new school. They’re shaking like jelly at the thought of being the only kid at school who doesn’t have a phone!

And who can blame them. When we were kids we tried in vain¬†to stay part of the it crowd. To not feel part of the crowd can feel a little lonely at times. Especially for a young adult. It’s human nature, we just need to feel like we belong, that we’re good enough¬†and that we’re loved.

Keep Track Of Your Child With Their Safety In Mind!

So deep down you want to have a life line to your youngest adult whilst they’re going to and leaving school don’t you? I know I do for sure. Perhaps you’re like me, you see this as a cunning way to track your child’s movements too, at school or not ha ha ūüôā


Well if you’re not familiar with the Apple iPhone¬†you won’t be aware that Apple devices can track each other. They have two great apps available to them. One of the apps is pre loaded onto an Apple iPhone and goes by the name of “Find iPhone”. The second optional app¬†available from The App Store¬†is the “Find¬†Friends” app.

Both apps give you the same service. They give you a GPS based location of any Apple devices registered with your Apple ID. The devices are discoverable when connected to a network. Also the appropriate settings have to be enabled in the device. So to be clear, this only works between Apple devices.

If you love the idea of this, you’ll need an Apple device too if you don’t have one already. This could be another iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, iMac or any of the MacBook variants. If you don’t already have an Apple device, there may be another option!

You may be able to do this using This is Apple’s Cloud based storage solution and to get access, you open an iCloud account. You don’t have to own an Apple device and you can log in from anywhere.¬†Once you have an Apple ID, you can then register your child’s iPhone to your Apple ID. Then once you’re logged into¬†you can start using¬†Find iPhone.

iPhones Are A Bit Expensive For My Child – Aren’t They?

Now I know what you’re thinking!

You don’t want to spend a fortune on kitting your child out with an iPhone¬†which could get broken or stolen at school!


Well if that’s the case, Metro3¬†have a solution for you!

We specialise in selling refurbished iPhones, which are A Grade and B Grade units. What this means is that they are in full working order and almost look like new. They may have some minor cosmetic scuffs and may even have the original packaging too.

But the benefit to you is that you can get your hands on an iPhone for your child and at the same time, save heaps of cash!

Wouldn’t that be awesome?

So have a look at our range of refurbished iPhones today at our online store!

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