Searching for Australia’s Best Prices on Refurbished iPhones?

Are you looking out for the best or lowest prices in Australia for an Apple iPhone? Do you own an obsolete iPhone that you particularly love and want to replace it with the same? Are you searching for a cheaper option to give to your child when they’re away from home? Or are you looking to buy a used iPhone that you can use whilst you’re at work on the construction site?

Searching for a used or a second hand iPhone can be a daunting task can’t it? You fear buying something from one of those buy and sell sites or from an online auction! Because you don’t always know the seller. And you know for certain that you don’t know anything about the iPhone. You don’t want to waste your hard earned money by buying an Apple Lemon right? 🙂

In the back of your mind your head is full of thoughts like…

“Is this iPhone legitimate?”

“Is this a stolen iPhone”

“Will this iPhone work for two minutes and then die, leaving me with an expensive repair bill?”

“Can I trust this seller?”

“What if I buy this iPhone and there’s a problem, but the seller disappears for good?”

“Will I have any comeback?”

And the more you worry, the more you get lost in your thoughts and you don’t take any action. Am I right?

Well there is an alternative!

At Metro3, we specialise in bringing to Australian customers, refurbished iPhones.

Like all our products, our iPhones get refurbished by professional technicians. When the process is complete, the units receive a grading, inline with national standards.

Now the benefit of this to you is that you know upfront, what kind of condition your iPhone will be in. For example, if your iPhone has a grading of A, you’ll know that it is in good to very good condition. You’ll know that the iPhone will function correctly. And you’ll know that the iPhone may have one or two cosmetic defects, such as a tiny scratch on the back. It may have signs of use from being, say a display model.

But the key is that you can have confidence that when you take the iPhone out of the box, it will work like a new iPhone.

But the added benefit of buying a refurbished iPhone from Metro3 is that you will also get a 6 month warranty! That’s right! So if for some strange reason your iPhone get’s sick, you’re protected with our warranty.

Ask yourself, are you going to get that kind of protection from an individual selling by auction or a buy and sell site?

My guess is the most likely answer will be NO!

So shop with confidence and certainty when you buy a refurbished iPhone from Metro3. View our online store to see our available iPhone models today and be happy in the knowledge that we have your back. And be happy too that you have taken advantage of the best online prices in Australia 🙂

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