Protecting your Electrical Gadgets and Your Home with Surge Protectors

Protecting your Electrical Gadgets and Your Home with Surge Protectors

When it comes to your home and the safety of your loved ones, it simply pays to be mindful and vigilant around the dangers of electricity.

You know what a “King Tide” is right?

That’s right, it’s when under certain conditions, the oceans swell and the effect is that higher than normal waves come crashing onto our shores, coming further in than normal and they might wash away some of the foreshore and the life savers hut might disappear, or even worse, homes end up precariously hanging over the edge of a cliff. You’ve seen the pictures on TV haven’t you?

Well electricity is the same. Under certain conditions, electricity can swell just like the ocean and cause a surge of electricity to pass through all those cables that lie hidden within your walls. Only, instead of the foreshore, that final resting place of this surge of electricity, is usually something like your TV, your computer, your hi-fi or light fittings, that instead of being washed away, simply go bang, with a bright flash and a puff of smoke. Only sometimes, that puff of smoke might turn into a little electrical fire in the back of your TV, your computer or in the ceiling cavity within your light fitting, which grows like bushfire and before you know it, your home is an inferno.

So as you surely can now appreciate, fire is the biggest risk of electrical surges within your home. Yeah sure, if you’re lucky (or unlucky), you might just have to replace a blown TV, which is inconvenient for sure, but losing your home and family members, well that’s not a replaceable item is it!

Electrical surges can happen at any time. It could be a fault with electrical equipment within the home that could cause it. It could be the electrical network that provides you that has a glitch. It could be lightning strikes that hit your TV aerial. It’s a hidden danger that could strike at any time with no warning.

So as we would put up extra sandbags to try to counter a king tide washing in, we should use surge protectors around the home to push back any electrical surges happening in the home.

Now you understand what a surge protector is right (if you didn’t already)?

Untitled design 1So how do they work?

Simple really, many surge protection devices look like any other power board that you can buy. But scratch below the surface a little deeper and what you find is something extra. The first clue might be that there is a power switch dedicated to the power board, and although this is a switch, it isn’t where the smart stuff is.

Within the power board, there are extra circuits, similar in principle, to the protection devices in your main electricity board on the side of your house. These extra circuits are silently monitoring the flow of electricity through the power board it is attached to. If the circuit picks up an anomaly, i.e., the current flow increase at a rate that couldn’t possibly be a TV switching on or a computer booting up, it cuts off the supply into the power board and therefore, prevents the power surge, before danger strikes.

So a surge protection power board for example, gives you extra protection at a specific point in your home, such as that place behind your TV, where it looks like the cables are breeding with one another. It’s a mess right, but all those wires together like that, all tangled up and each carrying separate supplies of electricity to various devices, the TV, set top box, the Bluray payer, the Playstation® and the theatre surround system, it’s all load on the electricity supply and it’s a potential weak spot in the system where surges can and will take place when you least expect.

At Metro3, we have your back and can provide you with a range of surge protection power boards to suit your needs and budget.

We have the BEST prices in Australia right now and they are delivered FREE to your door. You even get local support and a local warranty for any purchase you make with us. You can’t get better than that right?

To safeguard your home and family from the risk of electrical fires, check out our range of surge protection today!

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