Laptop With Beats That Is Music To Your Ears

Laptop computers are brilliant for giving you freedom to take your office elsewhere! They are so mobile aren’t they?

If you work from home using a laptop you’ll no doubt value being able to get away from the usual four walls of your office! Whether it’s sitting in the lounge or outside in the sunshine, the beach or the park!

Having a laptop allows you to be more flexible doesn’t it?

But what if you use your laptop to listen to music whilst you work? Or what if you use your laptop to produce movies? What if you like to watch a box office smash during that working week away from home?

I don’t know about you, but in my experience laptops aren’t exactly the best sounding boom box on the planet. And you might argue that they aren’t meant to be. I know, I get that. Yes, I know you could connect a pair of speakers or headphones to overcome that.

But if mobility is key, you don’t want to be packing extra audio gear to take with you do you? Just moving that extra stuff around with you takes away the whole point of a laptop doesn’t it?

So what you’re looking for is a laptop that sounds great aren’t you? A laptop with the kinds of sounds from within that beat any other laptop sound you’ve experienced. Something that plays music like it’s connected to a HIFI system. Something that brings depth and definition when you’re working on that movie edit.

Is that what you’re looking out for? Because Metro3 have the answer for you!

Take a look at…

HP ENVY TouchSmart Touchscreen with built in BeatsAudio™

This is a laptop like no other and it’s available now at Metro3!

For the audio enthusiast in you, BeatsAudio™ offers you quad speakers and two subwoofers. And it’s all from within the laptop! Imagine the sound that is going to erupt from your laptop whilst you’re sat in front of it!

But this laptop has so much more to offer you than that. It’s not just a beat box. It’s also a serious piece of kit for your home office and business!

This laptop has a high speed quad-core processor and 8 GB of memory space. There’s also plenty of storage with its wopping 750 GB hard drive – it means business! With HP’s ProtectSmart hard drive protection and finger print reader, you’re all set! Not only will it sound great, you’re secure too!

So HP have created a laptop that you can’t help but be envious about. It has everything a home office, business or casual user could ever need! And it’s available for under 600 bucks!

Get on over to our online store and check out this remarkable piece of computer hardware today!

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