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You work hard don’t you? You’ve studied hard! You’ve trained hard! And now you are seeing the fruits of your labor. You have landed the job that all this hard work was aimed at right? You’re on a roll now. The success you have been seeking is now becoming attracted to you and life is great. […]

In a previous blog, we talked about the digital age of music. It’s easy to play music from a computer to a Hi-Fi or speaker. We just use a Bluetooth speaker or an AirPlay speaker. As long as your computer or device has Bluetooth or you have a home Wi-Fi network, it’s a breeze. The great thing about this is […]

Deep down, are you feeling a little guilty that you don’t look after yourself a little better? Do you recognise that you could be a more active person, but overwhelmed by the idea of fitness? Are you concerned that your long term health might be suffering as a result of long hours in your office […]

So you’re an amateur thrill seeker or an athlete, sportsman or sportswoman and you’re on a tight budget, but you want to capture that amazing stunt, that best ever goal, ultimate win, that big wave, the big air, your sky dive over Saint Kilda beach or your big mountain descent on your off road bike, […]

When it comes to your home and the safety of your loved ones, it simply pays to be mindful and vigilant around the dangers of electricity. You know what a “King Tide” is right? That’s right, it’s when under certain conditions, the oceans swell and the effect is that higher than normal waves come crashing […]