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There’s just something about an iPad from Apple. It’s not just a tablet, it’s something more beautiful than that. Take Apple iPad Air 2 for instance! With it’s many available apps, it’s so capable – you won’t want to put it down. It’s so light and thin that you won’t even feel like putting it down. It’s […]

Isn’t Touch Screen technology on your mobile device and laptops brilliant? But from time to time, do you feel like you have got fingers the size of sausages? I know I do. When you’re trying to touch the screen and you always hit something else other than what you intended? Like trying to compose an […]

Is it just me or does there seem to be a gadget for everything? And not only that, one gadget can do other things too. Then all of a sudden you have all these different gadgets to take care of specific things. And soon you realise that several of your gadgets can all take care […]

Protecting your smartphone and other gadgets are a must especially if you consider them your priceless possessions. To some, a smartphone is a big financial investment and the need to protect its value is important. A phone’s screen is vulnerable to scratches, dust and glare and must therefore be protected at all times. Although some smartphones are […]

An eWorm? “What’s that Andrew?” you ask. OK, I just made that word up. You’ve heard of a Bookworm yes? Well, eWorm is my made up word for the digital age Bookworm 😀 So a Bookworm is somebody who loves books and loves reading them. It’s their passion, their hobby. Their life. Are you a Bookworm too? If you […]

The world of technology is an ever-changing landscape isn’t it and nowadays, you’d think that the choices for office and home information technology products are endless? Well like everything, there’s a place and a use for everything and Information Technology is the same. When the computer first arrived on the scene, it needed a whole […]

(Part 2 of 2) When it comes to considering purchasing refurbished products, a common question we get asked at Metro3 is… “What is refurbished?” Well there are two sorts of refurbished product types. The first type is “Factory refurbished’ we have covered off already. See Part 1. The second type or subcategory of refurbished products […]

(Part 1 of 2) Refurbished products such as refurbished iPhones and iPads, can offer significant savings, sometimes up to 50% of normal retail price, but the question we always get asked is …. “What is refurbished…what does it mean?” To answer this we need to break it down into two different subcategories. In Part 1 […]

Since its introduction on the market, eReaders are now playing an important role in digital book revolution. Paper versus digital reading is still an exhausted debate in the market leaving readers battling over paperback or ebooks, which is better and convenient? Don’t get us wrong, nothing wins in this round. The most important thing is […]