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These days there is a lot of emphasis¬†in the workplace, about Ergonomics. And this is especially true in the office. Businesses are investing a lot of time, money and research into the ergonomics of workstations. And why is that? Well it all boils down to your personal well being. Your boss doesn’t want you to […]

Is it just me or does there seem to be a gadget for everything? And not only that, one gadget can do other things too. Then all of a sudden you have all these different gadgets to take care of specific things. And soon you realise that several of your gadgets can all take care […]

Are you the kind of person who likes something a little different? You like to stand out from the masses a little and you value quirkiness! And you work from home right? Or you value having a computer at home. You like to do stuff at home on the computer.¬†That video project documenting your baby. […]