You’ve got an important interview coming your way soon. You’ve been waiting for quite some time to interview this person. You have your list of high quality questions to ask. You’re feeling excited, yet scared. But you’re terrified of the possibility of forgetting to write down your interviewees answers. You get so nervous and get lost […]

Personalise your Apple iPad with accessory items to reflect your personality and style! I don’t know about you, but my kitchen doesn’t give me too much space to get creative. In my head, I’m one of those celebrity chefs like you see on TV 🙂 In reality, my cooking enthusiasm far outweighs my actual abilities. […]

For me it’s that time of week again, when I need another shave. It’s been seven days since my last shave. It’s a bit of a bind I know 🙂 For some of you guys though, it’s getting to that time of the day again, where you need another face trim. Only this morning you […]

It’s 6 a.m. Everyone is up and fed. You have a big day ahead. The car is packed and you’re ready for off. Everyone that is except little Johnny. He’s dragging his heals as usual. He still needs his teeth cleaning and he’s looking for his special toy before he’ll get into the car. Finally, the […]

Protecting your smartphone and other gadgets are a must especially if you consider them your priceless possessions. To some, a smartphone is a big financial investment and the need to protect its value is important. A phone’s screen is vulnerable to scratches, dust and glare and must therefore be protected at all times. Although some smartphones are […]

You work hard don’t you? You’ve studied hard! You’ve trained hard! And now you are seeing the fruits of your labor. You have landed the job that all this hard work was aimed at right? You’re on a roll now. The success you have been seeking is now becoming attracted to you and life is great. […]

An eWorm? “What’s that Andrew?” you ask. OK, I just made that word up. You’ve heard of a Bookworm yes? Well, eWorm is my made up word for the digital age Bookworm 😀 So a Bookworm is somebody who loves books and loves reading them. It’s their passion, their hobby. Their life. Are you a Bookworm too? If you […]

In a previous blog, we talked about the digital age of music. It’s easy to play music from a computer to a Hi-Fi or speaker. We just use a Bluetooth speaker or an AirPlay speaker. As long as your computer or device has Bluetooth or you have a home Wi-Fi network, it’s a breeze. The great thing about this is […]

Deep down, are you feeling a little guilty that you don’t look after yourself a little better? Do you recognise that you could be a more active person, but overwhelmed by the idea of fitness? Are you concerned that your long term health might be suffering as a result of long hours in your office […]