Getting Fit Is Music To Your Ears!

Fitness. You either love it or you hate it don’t you? Some of us try it because we feel that we should or have to. Others do it because it makes them happy. They experience a state of nirvana when reaching a certain level achievement.

The truth is fitness gets our bodies moving. And when that happens, something wonderful happens.

Motion creates Emotion right!

Did you know that the quality of your motions, gives you a direct response in how you experience emotion? Let’s substitute Motion for your body posture for a moment! It’s kind of the same thing and you’ll see why in a second.

If you’re huddled over, arms crossed and shoulders rounded over, chances are you’re feeling low!

But if you’re stood straight and erect, shoulders back and chin up, you’ll be feeling great!

So you see, how you feel, is a reflection of your body posture and motion.

It’s a two way thing and you could say that, Emotion Creates Motion!

Positive emotions allow you to move in positive ways and you’ll have good posture! Negative emotions cause you to move in bad ways and you’ll have poor posture!

You can counter bad posture with positive emotions. And you can counter negative emotions with good posture!

How simple and great is that?

So it’s easy to see now why exercise is good for you. But sometimes, those of us that still fight that with bad emotions, need a little extra help. And sometimes too, those that like to exercise, enjoy boosting that experience even more!

Would you agree then, that emotions play a large part in fitness and exercise? It aids us to resent it more or it fuels our passion for it!

And that’s why music and exercise goes together so well. Certain, high energy styles of music trigger within us those feel good emotions. And of course when that happens, exercise is a better experience and we move better. This better quality movement again triggers more feel good emotions! It’s like a never ending circle 🙂

In todays world, fitness and music has become personal affair. Fitness classes used to have a boom box at the front of the group. Everyone would be in sync doing a routine lead by an instructor to the beat of the music.

But many people today prefer to exercise alone, in the streets or in the gym. And with the arrival of even smaller music players and earphones, it’s so easy now to play the music you love.

Let’s be honest though, fitness is usually a sweaty experience. And there’s nothing more annoying than when sweat makes your earphones slip! You’re running down the street and your earbuds pop out of your ears. It’s distracting when you’re trying to put them back in whilst keep that pace going right?

So what’s the solution?

JayBird X2 Sport In-Ear Earbud Headphones!

When it comes to sports earbuds there is Jaybird and then there is the rest.

These headphones are just what you’re looking for. They are sweat proof and with Bluetooth, you don’t get tangled up in wires. You can wear them over or in your ears depending on your comfort and style! You can even use these earphones with your mobile phone and make hands free calls on the go!

Be sure to check out the complete specs on these winners at our online store and bring music to your ears getting fit today!

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