Treat Yourself To An iPad At Heavily Reduced Prices!

There’s just something about an iPad from Apple. It’s not just a tablet, it’s something more beautiful than that.

Take Apple iPad Air 2 for instance!

With it’s many available apps, it’s so capable – you won’t want to put it down. It’s so light and thin that you won’t even feel like putting it down. It’s a real heavyweight contender!

Despite it’s small size and light weight, iPad Air 2 is a powerhouse! And without iPad getting in your way, it can help you to do amazing things.

Apple’s A8X chip delivers powerful CPU performance. iPad Air 2 has a 64 bit desktop class architecture. What this means is that it’s as powerful as many desktop computers! Efficiency is key too. It’s battery gives you 10 hours of play. So now you can work, play, surf and shop to your hearts content.

At your finger tips is Apple’s breakthrough Touch ID technology. Your finger print is natures most perfect password offering you unprecedented security. With just one touch, you can unlock your iPad Air 2 with ease. Beyond opening your iPad, Touch ID offers you so much more. Such as secure purchases from iTunes, the App Store and iBooks Store. Combine this too with Apple Pay* and purchases become even easier and secure.

*Apple Pay subject to eligible cards and participating stores.

With iPad Air 2, you can capture amazing pictures and video with the built in iSight camera. iSight camera boasts advanced optics, an improved image sensor and a powerful image signal processor. And with panorama, time-lapse, slow-mo, burst and timer modes, you can be as creative as you like. The upshot is your photos, videos, selfies and video calls will look incredible!

Connected to your Wi-Fi, iPad Air 2 is fast! In fact, it’s twice as fast as it’s predecessor. You’ll be loving this when streaming or downloading movies and videos. And the great thing is, cellular models will allow you to pop in any SIM card, as they aren’t locked to a network. So now you can go anywhere!

Whether surfing the web, checking mail or editing movies and photo’s there’s an app for that! Or maybe you want to compile a report, write a book or catch up with a novel, there’s an app for that too! There are hundreds of thousands of apps available at the App Store. And they’re designed especially for iPad Air 2.

At the heart of the iPad Air 2 is it’s operating system, iOS 9. iOS 9 is the most secure, intuitive and advanced mobile operating system in the world. iOS 9 allows you to get even more out of your iPad than ever before.

Apple are currently retailing these little beauties for $889.00 (64GB Wi-Fi + Cell model). And it’s worth every cent. But how would you feel about getting one of these same models for a massive $240 discount?

You’d be like, “Show me the goods”, right?

Well that’s exactly what Metro3 are offering you right now!

Go right now to our online store and check out our range of AA Grade refurbished iPad Air 2 64GB Wifi + Cell models. They’re available in Grey and Silver and they’re in stock for you now!

Order yours today!

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