Monthly Archives: May 2016

When it comes to your home and the safety of your loved ones, it simply pays to be mindful and vigilant around the dangers of electricity. You know what a “King Tide” is right? That’s right, it’s when under certain conditions, the oceans swell and the effect is that higher than normal waves come crashing […]

Since its introduction on the market, eReaders are now playing an important role in digital book revolution. Paper versus digital reading is still an exhausted debate in the market leaving readers battling over paperback or ebooks, which is better and convenient? Don’t get us wrong, nothing wins in this round. The most important thing is […]

We don’t usually give in to the idea of buying refurbished Apple iPads but opting to buy one can actually save you bucks rather than splurging out on a brand new iPad. The iPad is becoming a must have device for kids of all ages and even adults. If you noticed there some schools requiring […]